We are a Century-Old Boutique Winery from the Country of Georgia

Our Wines

We believe that making good wine is a noble and responsible job. That's why follow the 8,000 years old Georgian winemaking traditions.

We handcraft indigenous grapes in the Qvevri vessels by pruning, picking, and pressing them all by hand. We also minimize the human intervention into the winemaking process that makes our wines closer to mother nature.

Chekura Rkatsiteli 2019

Rkatsiteli 2019

This Amber Wine is made from Rkatsiteli indigenous grape variety. It was fermented and macerated in Qvevri.

Maceration lasted 6 months fully on skins, stems, and pips. Later, the wine was aged in the Qvevri for extra 8 months.

Our 2019 vintage was first commercially focused production. We produced only 585 bottles of this majestic wine.

Appearance: Amber

Sweetness: Dry

Body: Medium

Aromas: Ripe Apricot, Yellow Peach, Exotic Fruit Tones

Food Pairing: Boiled and Fried Meats

Upcoming 2020 Vintage...

Chekura 2020 Vintage

For the 2020 vintage, we grew our production to around 3,000 bottles. Currently, wines are being aged and polished in the Qvevri vessels.

We expect our wines to be ready for bottling by the end of 2021. Varieties produced are: Rkatsiteli Amber Dry Wine, Kisi Amber Dry Wine, Rose made from Rkatsiteli & Saperavi.

We are impatient for these wines, but we won't be producing them in the bottles until they're 100% ready.

Our Story

and Philosophy

How We Got Started

Our history dates back to the 19th century when our ancestors were settled in the village Shashiani in Kakheti and built a house with a wine cellar. Family members quickly adapted to the local winemaking techniques and became well-known winemakers in these areas.

It was Alex, one of our ancestors, who first produced a commercial wine into our family. Through the years he was exporting the wines in barrels to the Russian Empire. Since then, winemaking is a glorious profession of a Chekurishvili family.

Sadly, Georgia being part of the USSR didn't allow our ancestors to own a private business or a significant amount of vineyards and it was how our commercial wine production was paused. It was in 2018 when we decided to commercialize the wine production again, renovated the wine cellar, and kickstarted the winery, again...

Our winery name, Chekura, is originated from our surname - Chekurishvili.

Generations of Winemakers

Chekura Father and Son

Winemaking is a sacred profession in the Chekurishvili family.

Abraham - Late-founder of the house Chekurishvili, who initially built a house with a wine cellar.
Jacob - Priest, who was making sacramental wine for the church.
Gio - Pheasant, who begin building vineyards on a large scale.
Alex - Winemaker, who commercialized winemaking into our family and exported wine in the Russian Empire.
Otar I - Professional winemaker, head of several large commercial wineries in the Kakheti region during Soviet rule.
Gia - Professional winemaker and Dr. of alcoholic beverage production, head of several large-scale commercial productions.
Otar II - an Aspiring winemaker, renovated the wine cellar and began all over again.

Wine Production

With Georgia being the oldest wine region in the world, winemaking techniques that were polished through the 8,000 years are still used in modern wine production.

Georgian technique of winemaking into the Qvevri vessels is acknowledged by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We respect and follow these winemaking traditions.

Terroir & Grape Quality

Terroir and Grape Quality

Our vineyard is located in the village Shashiani. The origin of great wine is the great grape quality, which can only be produced in a great environment. A vineyard is a living organism that should be rewarded with great care all year round.

Fermentation & Maceration

Fermentation and Maceration

Qvevri vessels are unique for fermenting, macerating, and aging wine. We have 12 Qvevri vessels in the wine cellar with a capacity ranging from 100 liters to 2.3 tonnes. A long, skin-contact maceration helps wine develop unique flavors and amber (or orange) color.

Aging & Fining

Aging and Fining

Aging and Fining is what polishes wine and gives it a final taste. We age wines in the Qvevri vessels and/or Oak barrels and don't bottle the wine unless it is 100% ready.

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Winery Address: Village Shashiani, Gurjaani, Republic of Georgia

Legal Address: 23 Tskneti highway., Tbilisi 0179, Republic of Georgia

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